Laman Resmi Seleksi Nasional Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru

Privacy Policy

This policy was last updated on December 30, 2022.

This Privacy Policy is a real commitment from us to respect and protect any personal data or information of SNPMB Application users.

This Privacy Policy is the basis for obtaining, collecting, processing, analyzing, displaying, transmitting, opening, storing, changing, deleting and/or all forms of management related to data or information from Users.

By pressing the “Register” button (Register) or a similar statement available on the Application registration page, the User declares that each User's Personal Data is true and valid data, the User acknowledges that he has been notified and understands the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the User give us consent to obtain, collect, process, analyze, display, transmit, open, store, modify, delete, manage and/or use the data for the purposes as stated in the Privacy Policy.


Information We Collect

Personal data information that you enter on the Portal SNPMB Account List page at the url includes NPSN, Registration Code from Pusdatin, Fullname,, Date of Birth, Email, NISN, Photo, and address on the portal-SNPMB application.

We also collect data on the name of the browser application, operating system, device name, and the activities you perform while accessing the portal-SNPMB application for the purpose of activity history or activity logs that are useful for archives, as well as one of the search sources for application developers if any. error complaints from users.


How We Manage Your Information

SNPMB will manage your personal data information for student admission purposes.


Rights to Access and Control Your Personal Data

We provide access for you to control personal data in the Portal-SNPMB application by updating personal data and photo especially for student admission purposes. Once your personal data has been permanently saved, the data cannot be changed.


Disclosure of User's Personal Data

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of User's Personal Data which is under our control and ensuring that there is no misuse of User's Personal Data so that confidential data cannot be provided for any needs.



Cookies are small files that automatically take place on the User's device that performs the function of saving User preferences and configurations while using the Application. These cookies are not used when accessing other data on the User's device, other than what the User has agreed to submit. Although the User's computer device will automatically accept cookies, the User can choose to accept or reject cookies.


Contact Us

If you have questions or complaints regarding this privacy policy, please contact the help desk or Email:


Privacy Policy Update

We may make changes or updates to the Privacy Policy and suggest that Users read and check this Privacy Policy page carefully. By continuing to access and use the Application services, the User is deemed to have agreed to the changes in the Privacy Policy.